Beer Mash Leather is made from 100% environmentally-friendly and animal-free materials without adding any chemical substances. This project proposes an alternative to animal leather for Stella McCartney, aims to make the fashion system more circular to sustain it for the future. It is consistent with Stella McCartney’s brand ethos and its commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion and its tradition of using vegan leather.


From Beer Mash to BM Leather

Beer mash is the solid residue left after the processing of germinated and dried cereal grains for the production of beer. Dry beer mash is mainly barley husks and is high in protein and fibre. It is widely used as animal feed nowadays. However, the wet beer mash is also a highly perishable bulky product, which is very costly for transportation. Any excess feed that animals have not consumed should be discarded and can become an environmental nuisance, including water pollution. In this project, beer mash becomes a main raw material used for developing a vegan leather. Thanks to Beavertown Brewery for providing me with these amazing material.


Material Testing

Special thanks to David Miao, a PhD student at Imperial College of London.


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