Product packaging has always been thrown away, no matter how well-designed or what material it is made of. In a commercially driven society, in order to save costs, manufacturers wrap everything in plastic which, as we are all aware, now pollutes every single corner of the world. This is especially true in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry that is based on disposability and linear models of production.

Toiletry products such as shampoo are predominantly mass produced and their packaging incredibly inexpensive to produce. This packaging is not only disposable but also has a very short lifespan, usually just 1-2 months. It is estimated that a single person over a lifetime uses around 800 shampoo bottles, most of which are just thrown away and pollute the environment taking thousands of years to degrade.

Through this project, I created a brand which proposes that we use soap as a packaging material for shampoo and other toiletry products. In doing so, I hope to fundamentally re-evaluate what packaging could be as well as help us to reduce our plastic footprint.


1/3 of all waste in landfills is created by personal care products, and our landfills are filling up because 10 million tons of single- use plastic is finding its way into our oceans every year.





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